Hippo - Contact Notes

Forgetting personal details?
Hippo helps you stay attentive.

Keep track of friends, family and colleagues you care for.
So next time you meet, you remember all their important details.

Profile of person with notes and events

Why I built Hippo

Photo of Roel, the creator of Hippo

Hi 👋, I’m Roel

I have been struggling with my memory all the time, at work and at home. I used to forget children’s names, someone's job, birthdays, anniversaries and other important life events. At work I couldn’t remember when or how a decision was made.

This made me insecure and unhappy. That is why I built Hippo.

With the Hippo app, I can remember all the important things about the persons I care for. A quick note usually does the job. It is simple and effective … and has changed my life! Hippo has helped me to become a better friend, partner and colleague.

🤯 Too many things to remember about your contacts?

Hippo can help you too!

Make notes, keep track of events and store to-dos for all your contacts.

So next time you meet, a quick glance at the person's profile in Hippo is all you need to remember the details.

Being attentive doesn’t have to be a challenge anymore.
Hippo is your personal reminder.

Go from forgetful 😬💭 to attentive 🤗💬

🤷💭 “When was her baby due again? And what was the gender?”

💁‍♀️💬 2 more months to go before your baby girl is born, how are you feeling?

🤦‍♂️💭 “I know he has 2 kids. But I forgot their names?!”

🙋‍♂️💬 How are Joan and Mike doing?

🤔💭 “I remember she did something in sales but what did she sell?”

🥳 💬 Are you selling enough cars nowadays?



Use notes to quickly jot down things you learned about your contacts. Like names of kids, new jobs, a promotion, holiday plans, or gift ideas.


Create events for face to face meetings or important life events.

Get reminded when the event is happening so you can ask about it.


Remember the questions you want to ask the next time you meet.

Privacy friendly & secure

  • No account needed
  • No Contacts access required
  • Data is stored on your device, not on a server
  • Cloud sync (coming soon) only via your private iCloud drive

What others say

Your execution is spot on!
- Sam on ProductHunt
This app you've just built ...has been at the back of my mind for years and years! Congrats on sticking with and actually building it, it's just what I've been looking for.
- ithasbeendone on Reddit
Oh my god I haven't tried this yet but I'M SO EXCITED.
- BadBadMushrooms via Reddit
Seriously impressive. And your privacy policy is the best I’ve ever seen: all medical apps could learn from your example.
- GrapeJulius via Reddit
I was constantly forgetting birthdays and anniversaries until it would pop up on Facebook and I had to run out and get a gift. Not my more, the app tells you a week out when an event is coming up. I love it!
- ltldmon via Reddit
Oh my goodness! I needed this app like yesterday! I constantly forget things, and this looks like the much needed kick in the rear that will get me started on organizing my life. Thank you.
- ThotThotleyTheMeek via Reddit
Congrats Roel! App looks great and works really smooth!
- Marcel via ProductHunt
Really creative, love the way you took care of privacy issues!
- Akshay on ProductHunt


Hippo is free to try for 1 month, and will cost $1.99 per month / $14.99 per year after the trial.

To view the pricing in your currency, see Hippo in the App Store.

Get Hippo, get attentive

Free to try for one month.