Hippo - Contact Notes

Become a better friend, partner & colleague

With Hippo you can remember everything that matters about the people you care about.

Hippo is currently in private beta.

Details matter in relationships

Being genuinely interested in other people will help you in your personal life and in your work.

But, you're meeting lots of people every week. And to be attentive to all of them, you have to remember a lot of things.

That can be a real challenge.

Remember the details

Keep track of your friends, family and colleagues in the Hippo app.

You can make notes, keep track of events and store to-dos for all your contacts.

So next time you meet, a quick glance at the persons profile in Hippo is all you need to remember the details.

Go from thinking 😬💭 to saying 🤗💬

🤷💭 “When was her baby due again? And what is the gender?”

💁‍♀️💬 2 more months to go before your daughter is born, how are you feeling?

🤦‍♂️💭 “I know he has 2 kids. But what were their names?!”

🙋‍♂️💬 How are Joan and Mike doing?

🤔💭 “I remember she did something in sales but what does she sell?”

🥳 💬 Are you selling enough cars nowadays?


Use notes to quickly jot down things you learned about your contacts. Like names of kids, new jobs, a promotion, holiday plans, or gift ideas.


Create events for face to face meetings or important life events.

Get reminded when the event is happening so you can ask about it.


Remember the questions you want to ask the next time you meet.


Hippo is going to be filled with private data, so I made sure all is stored safely. I will never have access to it.

Everything is stored on your device and optionally in your own private iCloud Drive if you want to sync to multiple devices.


Hippo is going to be available free to try and will cost probably something around 1.49$ per month / $14.99 per year after the trial.

I'm Roel

Hi, I’m Roel and I quit my job as Product Manager to build Hippo.

I have been struggling with my memory all the time, at work and at home. I used to forget children’s names, the job that someone has, birthdays, anniversaries and other important life events. And at work I couldn’t remember when or how a decision was made.

That is why I built Hippo, to help me remember all the important things about the persons I care for. For me, it helps a lot just to jot down quickly some things I discussed or learned during a meeting.

Launching before summer 2019

Hippo is currently in private beta, sign up to hear when new spots on the beta list open up and to be notified when Hippo is released to the app store.

Hippo is currently in private beta.

Join the waitlist list to get notified when Hippo is available and get invited to the beta test.

Made by Roel van der Kraan

Illustrations by unDraw