Events are useful to track face to face meetings with one or multiple contacts. You can add notes to the event before, during or after the event is happening to track things you want to talk about and remember what you've learned.

Add an event

To add an event to Hippo

  1. Open Hippo
  2. Tap the Events tab in the bottom
  3. Tap the + button at the top

Now the new event window appears. Give the event a title.


Next you can add Attendees to the event. These are the contacts that will be attending the event. When you add a contact to the Attendees, the Event will show in their profile. And you can add a specific note per attendee to prepare or remember things you talked about.

To add an Attendee:

  1. Open the event
  2. Tap Add contact
  3. Select the Contact you want to add. Or if the person is not yet in Hippo, you can quickly add it by tapping the  Add new contact button on the bottom.

Change the event date

To change the event date, tap the date at the top of the screen and change it to the date of the event.

Repeat an event

Event notifications